Dog Rules

Visit our dog friendly shepherds huts in Hampshire because when dogs relax, their humans relax too. Dogs staying at Wallops Wood are unquestionably VIPS (Very Important Pups). Therefore, they get their own welcome basket including new toy and treats!

We love dogs here at Wallops Wood but not everyone feels the same way, especially young children. Read and follow the Dog House Rules for guests, and if you have any questions, please call or email us.

We welcome canine companions to our Shepherd’s Huts/Cosy Glamping Houses because we appreciate that pets are family. Please adhere to the Dog House Rules for guests bringing dogs to Glamping at Wallops Wood.


These Dog Rules are incorporated in the Terms and Conditions:

  • To clarify, you are responsible as a dog owner, for the behaviour of your dog during your stay at Wallops Wood.
  • Ensure your dog’s worm and flea treatments are up to date and that your dog is microchipped and registered.
  • You agree to accept full responsibility for any and all damages and/or soiling caused by your dog(s). We reserve the right to pursue the cost for any repair or additional cleaning requirements.
  • Your dog(s) must not enter any Glamping Shepherd’s Hut/Cosy Glamping House other than the one the dog(s) are staying in, even if you are part of a group booking. Otherwise we will levy an additional dog fee for the extra cleaning costs.
  • We know it’s difficult to stop dog(s) from jumping on the furniture so we provide a blanket in the doggy hamper. For this reason, please don’t let your dog(s) on the beds and furniture without a blanket in place.
  • Do not leave dogs unattended onsite and if you are going out, please take your dog with you.
  • We provide a towel for your dog in the doggy hamper. Do not use the white towels for your dog as they are provided for our human guests.
  • Washing your dog(s) in the Wash Hut showers is not permitted.
  • We advise keeping your dog on a lead because the site boundaries are insecure.
  • Be considerate of children playing in the meadow who may not be familiar or comfortable with dogs.
  • Pick up after your dog(s) and dispose of used bags in the general dustbin, complimentary poo bags are provided in the doggy hamper.
  • Lastly, we regret that dogs that bark continuously are not permitted. We reserve the right ask you to vacate the site should your dog(s) persistently cause a nuisance or distress.

The Countryside Code

Ensure you are familiar with and follow the Countryside Code when out for a walk:

  • Maintain effective control of your dog and consider other people, it is an offence to have a dog on a designated road without being held on a lead.
  • Protect the natural environment and wildlife.
  • Leave gates and property as you find them.
  • Follow paths unless land is designated for Open Access and follow any official signs.
  • Bag it and bin it – it is an offence to fail to remove dog faeces.
  • It is an offence for a dog to worry livestock on agricultural land and farmers are entitled to destroy a dog without compensation to the owner.