Our sustainable practices

Soon after we opened our eco friendly holiday houses, we won the Silver Award for Green Tourism in recognition of our sustainable practices. We worked hard on our commitment to green issues particularly, and won the Gold Award in 2020.

We are proud to be part of Britain’s Green Tourism Business Scheme and our green ethos is the foundation to Glamping at Wallops Wood. Above all, the owners are keen to ensure that we are as sustainable as possible.

Not only are our green issues a priority, but equally so are the quality of our accommodation and service at the glamping shepherd’s huts. Although each of our sustainable practices may be small, we address a number of environmental matters. We hope, for that reason, the wider benefits may be considerable.

We encourage our guests to explore the stunning countryside of the South Downs which surrounds us. With this in mind, we provide a Walks leaflet in each Glamping Shepherd’s Hut and some of the walks lead to local country pubs!

Sustainable Practices at Wallops Wood

  • We save up to 30,000 gallons of water yearly by using composting toilets at Glamping at Wallops Wood
  • As one of our sustainable practices, we source logs and woodchips from our sustainably managed woodland 
  • Housekeepers use distilled vinegar and Ecover products for cleaning, and beeswax for polishing wooden surfaces
  • We recycle discarded textiles as cleaning cloths for use by the housekeeping team
  • We donate textiles that cannot be recycled to charities with recycling schemes
  • Excess building materials are stored on the farm estate to be repurposed
  • We support local businesses and producers and are passionate about quality Hampshire produce.

We Love Our Wildlife!

We really are in tune with the countryside, and as a consequence of our sustainable practices, we hope to encourage a wider diversity of wildlife for our guests to enjoy. 

  • Wake up to the sound of local songbirds and skylarks
  • Watch the hares here in the South Downs; the best time to see them is in the Spring and Summer
  • If you’re very quiet, you may see roe deer and muntjac at dawn or dusk
  • Marvel at the red kites and buzzards swirling above, high up in the thermals and cruising the skies
  • You’ll probably see a number of pheasants roaming the glamping meadow and surrounding fields
  • Look out for grey partridges, blue tits, bullfinches and yellowhammers in the nearby hedgerows
  • Maybe you’ll spot one of the rarer wild animals which have been reported as living in the South Downs, such as the greater mouse-eared bat?
  • And a barn owl is resident on our glamping meadow!
A brown hare on the meadow with wild flowers growing is a sign of our sustainable practicies
Two young children discovering the small wildlife in the surrounding countryside which is protected by our sustainable practices
Wildlife such as this bug is plentiful on wild fennel around Wallops Wood and we hope that this is due to our sustainable practices